KIRS (Korea Immigration Recruiting Service) works to help competent and responsible teachers with a good command of English and work ethics find the right place to work in Korea.

About KIRS

KIRS was founded by Tokhan Kim who has been recruiting and placing English teachers in positions in South Korea for the last 30 years. KIRS focuses on taking good care of teachers pre and post placement. KIRS has experience dealing with the Korea Immigration Service, which means you'll get your working visa quickly and hassle-free.

KIRS' philosophy is to match great teachers with great jobs. There are currently 20,000 English teachers working in South Korea. That means a lot of positions are available.

Many schools in Korea do not advertise teaching positions online nor do they have dedicated recruiting resources. KIRS' staff is bilingual and are able to effectively communicate and coordinate with the schools for you during the hiring process. In addition, KIRS will assist with any questions you may have post hiring.

Why Choose KIRS?

KIRS matches enthusiastic English teachers with public schools, private institutes in Seoul and other parts of Korea.

KIRS helps teachers get their E-2 Visas (working visa) quickly. KIRS can process your visa faster and with fewer problems than other recruiting agencies.

KIRS helps teachers and schools get acclimated to the foreign teacher experience.

Important Information

Some teaching positions require a TESL / TESOL / TEFL / CELTA Certificate. Other positions pay their teachers extra if they have a certificate.

Most positions pay more for English literature / English education / Elementary education / Early Childhood education / Linguistics degree.

Schools typically pay extra to teachers with a Teaching Certificate and/or a Master's degree.

Prior teaching experience is rewarded based on number of years of teaching experience.

Some schools look for teachers with History / Debate / Journalism / Economics backgrounds.

Applicants with Creative Writing / Editorial / Peer Review / Public Speaking experience are sought after for High School positions.

BA/BS is required for almost all teaching positions.

A criminal background check (for Americans: from the FBI) is required and must show that the applicant has no criminal record in order to qualify for any teaching position.