About Our Staff

In Korea, connections are everything! That’s why we have built our staff with two purposes in mind. First is connections with great schools so you’ll have a pleasant work experience. Second, our staff is formed with the purpose of getting you a visa so you can be employed legally in South Korea with no problems. We are fully licensed and recognized by the Korean Government which means fast and legal processing for all your visa needs.

In Dong Kim, CEO and Recruiting Consultant, former experience

* 3 years experience managing language schools in Korea
* Expert knowledge of interview processing in U.S.

In Soo Seo, Recruiting Adviser, former experience

* Educational Chief of Science and Industry at Gyenggi Provincial Office of Education
* Superintendent, Gyenggi Provincial Seongnam Office of Education

Seung Gi Kim, Recruiting Adviser, former experience

* Director of Border Control Division at the Seoul Immigration Office
* Chief of the Dae Jeon Immigration Office

Gyu Geun Cha, Legal Adviser, current position

* Representative Attorney at Law at Jeon, Cha & Lee law firm
* Former experience at the Korea Immigration Service

Bong Soo Jung, labor law Adviser, current position

* Certified Public Labor Attorney
* Representative Labor Attorney at Kangnam Labor law firm

Sung Hyu Choi, Recruiting Consultant, former experience

* Head of Investigation Division at the Seoul Immigration Office
* Head of Social Integration Division of the Korea Immigration Service
* Chief of the Chuncheon Immigration Office

Tok Han Kim, Recruiting Consultant and Application Supervisor

* 30 years experience managing language schools in Korea
* Expert knowledge of visa processing and troubleshooting
* Expert knowledge of interview processing

Hong Uk Kim, Marketing Director, former experience

* Faculty member at the Police University
* Recruiting and supervising faculty members at the Police University

Sang Ki Lee, Personnel Manager, former experience

* Samsung SDI, Certified Management Consultant
* CEO  Pheonx Apro Ltd., Giga Lane Ltd.

Hyung Il Kim, TESOL Instructor

* Indiana University, PhD. TESOL

Roger B. White Jr., Recruiting Consultant, former experience

* 10 years teaching in Korea
*  5 years Academic Director
* MIT, BS Chemical Engineering, University of Phoenix, MBA Marketing

Jason Clark, Recruiting Consultant, former experience

* 2 years teaching in Korea and Recruiting Consultant
* John Hopkins University, BS English
* University of Missouri, MS Ed.